Summary of  Projct - TRANSPARENT  TEST  TOOL KIT   (3TK Box)


Abstract of Invention:

             This is a new toolkit specially designed for Examination purposes..  More exam related special features such as keeping of Exam Hall ticket in this box itself, separate and  tailor made  slots for keeping various writing materials such as pens pencils, eraser and geometric tools  are  provided in this box. Since the total box is made up of transparent material, the possibility of hiding bit papers in this box and attempt of clandestine copying  is totally avoided. Thus the Transparent Tool Kit shortly known as 3TK Box- is special exam toolkit  having many advantages  for both students as well as  the  exam invigilators.

The rationale behind the invention

        We are all conversant about the recent  instructions issued by the Tamil Nadu Education Department to be followed during public examinations. This order prevents the students who sit for SSLC and +2 Examinations from taking with them Pencil box, Geometry box, Purse, Pouch and such other articles into the exam hall. The purpose of this ban  is just to avoid the possibility of hiding bits and clandestine copying by the students as announced by the Government   more...






  Description of the Project -Transparent Test Tool Kit

The present problem faced by lakhs of students:

       Every year around 15 lakhs of students appear  for SSLC (X) and  +2(XII)  exams in Tamil Nadu. Only very few students are indulging in such malpractices.  To identify and to punish these students the Education Department had issued this ban. However the real sufferers are the lakhs and lakhs of students who appeared for these public examinations because they find it very difficult to carry and  keep  the tiny writing materials in their hands from home to exam halls.

         When students leave their houses to sit for common exams, they have to checkup if they have taken their hall-tickets, pens, pencils, eraser, protractor  etc. It is very easy to house them all in a box well in advance so that  they may not miss any item as did  in previous years. Besides the  parents also check up before the students leave for exam hall. But now after the issue of this  ban order, since no box, pouch etc.  can enter the exam hall, the students  are in a position  to  check up and  keep together more than 10 numbers of tiny writing materials or tools  in their hands amidst of their exam tension. Some students may even lose one or two items on their way to exam hall. They are forced to  run back to search the lost items and are subjected to unwarranted tension. As a result the students are not able to sit  for the exam tension free – this is the complaint by almost all the students as well as the parent community.

The problem faced by  the student  innovator:

         Masha    being a school girl was not an exception to this rule and she  too was affected. As she had written SSLC exam last year, she  understand the students’ practical difficulties regarding this problem. So, immediately on finishing my exams,  she  sat tight and struck a solution to  the problems faced by her  and her fellow students.

The solution given by the  student innovator:

         The prevention order to take boxes into exam halls had  been  necessitated now only to avoid hiding of bits in them. she  thought, if we could design a box wherein bits could not be stealthily hidden, this prevention order of the Education Department is not necessary. Her idea in this angle ultimately led to the designing of Transparent Test Tool Kit – shortly  known as 3TK box – an  examiner friendly/ student friendly  exclusive and comprehensive tool  kit specially designed for exam purpose.

How does it Work? And the uses of this box:

  In this 3TK box, no bits could be hidden because this box is 100% transparent.  If at all a bit is inside the box it will be readily visible. Besides this,there are many additional advantages to students who use this box. There is provision for separate slots to accommodate pen, pencils, rubber and geometry tools. Before leaving for exam, it is enough to see that all slots are full. This may take  just one or two seconds. If any slot is empty  the student  can take that item and put it into the slot and walk free to exam hall. There is no necessity  to check up again and again by the students as well as parents whether all required items are there. As this 3TK box is transparent there will be no problem for the Education Department to allow this box to Exam halls.

Additional features  and facilities in the 3TK Box:

         The next big problem for the students who sit for the public exams is that, they have to take their Hall-Tickets every day from home to the exam centre and back. The 3TK box solves this problem too. This box have a separate folder which is also transparent. On the first day of the examination the students need only insert the hall ticket into this transparent folder attached with the 3TK box.  There is no need to take out the hall ticket afterwards till the last day of the exam. You may have a doubt   as to how the hall supervisor will sign in the hall ticket every day as a token of students attendance without taking out the hall ticket. There are windows  provided in the folder for each day of the exam so that the hall supervisor can sign in the hall ticket at the stipulated space. Thus, if the student takes the 3TK  box when he leaves home for examination centre, that is enough. Without any tension or worry (of course- other than  the test paper) the student can write the exam well.


       She has  demonstrated this 3TK box – an exclusive exam tool kit and its advantages with  the Governor of Tamil Nadu, the Governor of Kerala,  higher officials of the Education Department of Tamil Nadu, Minister for School Education and got appreciations.