Summary of  Project - MODIFIED  FUEL DISPENSER


Abstract of Invention:

            Now there exists a risk of safety of children when filling petrol for the two wheelers while keeping the kids on  petrol tank of the two wheeler. This system avoid  the risk of splashing petrol accidentally over the face/body of the  kids while filling petrol to the two wheelers. The new system is to be fitted in the petrol delivery handset which blocks the accidental flow of petrol  through a  simple mechanical lock runs on the principle of gravity. This very simple mechanism does not require any extra power/operational costs and  also  maintenance free operation.


The rationale behind the invention :

          The rationale behind this invention is the felt necessity   of  the safety  of children  seated over  the petrol tank of a two wheeler  and  visiting  petrol bulks along with their parents  for  filling petrol.



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The present problem: The risk  of filling petrol in petrol bulks  while keeping wards in the petrol tank of the two wheeler Recently  a news was published in a weekly magazine  in the letter to editors column. The reader who send the news described what he had seen in  person in a petrol bulk. He was  waiting in the queue  for his turn to fill fuel. Just in front of him another person with his bike and family was moving to fill fuel. His five year old daughter was sitting on the petrol tank of the two wheeler. The petrol delivery boy came to the bike with the petrol delivery tube  handset in his hand and his finger is on the  petrol release liver . Suddenly another bike came fast from somewhere brushing the  petrol delivery boy. The delivery boy lost his balance and due to this scramble he pressed the lever accidentally. The   sudden uncontrollable splash of petrol which escaped from  the nozzle of the petrol delivery  tube  handset  drenched  the face of the small  girl on the tank of the bike  completely and copiously. The petrol went inside  her eyes also. This made the girl cry and wriggle due to excessive pain in her eyes. The narrator of this incident helped to take the girl immediately to the nearest hospital. As the small girls’ eyes were cleaned  and required treatment given in time, the  girl escaped from blindness according to the doctor who treated her. The narrator ends his message with a  caution  to others  who go through this column to be very careful when they go to petrol bulk to fill up fuel  keeping kids on the petrol tank of the two wheeler

The solution given by the  student innovator

          Young innovator Masha  was one among the reader who has gone through this news item.  After reading this,  she  thought  what could be done to avoid such serious and unhappy incidents.  This gave her  nucleus for me yet another invention - "Child-safety system in petrol bulks".

How does it Work?

          She has  devised an instrument  applying her new technique in a hand shower used in bath-rooms  You may notice  the function of  bath room shower and the petrol delivery handset tube are almost same.  She thought  that this technique could be introduced in the case  of petrol hand-set[nozzle] liver operation also for safe handling. What is this  technique?.  She  may well aware  that  petrol is an highly inflammable liquid  as such there is  no solutions for this problem by using    motor, battery or  complicated circuits - And with the absence of motor or electricity how  can  we  be able to make automatic actions?.  You may notice in petrol bulks that the delivery hand set is  hanged  upright  in rest  position  and the hand set is in the downward position while filling petrol to the vehicles.  She  keenly  studied  these two positions of  hand set nozzle - one is towards gravity and another position is against gravity.   Finally she  succeeded in exploiting the existence of  this  force of gravity  to a very simple solution .

            Her   aim was to stop the delivery of petrol from the hand set nozzle   even though the  lever is pressed accidentally when it is  in the  upward position(against Gravity). In other words, the petrol/diesel should be ejected from the nozzle only when the nozzle is  inserted into the fuel tank of the vehicle in a down ward position(towards gravity). For this she  made a simple technique by way of providing a channel beneath of the press liver and let a small iron  ball roll in this channel up and down. When the hand set nozzle is in the upward position the iron ball moves down due to gravity and get seated directly below the release liver. In this position the  liver of the petrol handset nozzle  cannot be pressed as the iron ball mechanically blocks the way. When the petrol handset liver could not be pressed there is no release of petrol. When we insert the  delivery nozzle in to the fuel tank of a vehicle  the petrol delivery nozzle is in downward position . Again  the iron ball rolls downward  due to gravity  thus the temporary mechanical blockade (hither to hold  by the ball)  released.  In this position the liver can able to be pressed and the release of petrol is possible in to the fuel tank of the bike or any other vehicles. The simple technique employed by her  here is, making a small iron ball to  roll due to gravity and mechanically lock the petrol delivery hand-set (nozzle) lever.  This technique designed by her  is very cheap and requires no extra power for operation.


            She demonstrated this  gadget  with  the Governor of Tamil Nadu, the Governor of Kerala and the Project Director of Chandrayan Mr. Mayilsamy Annadurai and received appreciations

           Won IGNITE 2009 National award by the National Innovation Foundation Ahmedabad. This award was given away by  Dr.Kalam on 30/112009 at IIM, Ahmedabad.