Hi-Tech Train Toilet

(Hygeienic Drainage Disposal System in Trains)


The rationale behind the invention

     The rationale behind this invention is the felt necessity of avoiding soiling of toilet wastages on the Railway track at Stations.

About the System:

            According to this system, falling of toilet wastage directly on the track is avoided.  Instead, the toilet wastages are stored in a horizontal and cylindrical storage tank, which is to be fixed under each train toilet.  This storage tank is connected to a control valve.  The switch control is with the Engine driver.  When the train approaches a station, the Engine driver will switch off the control valve.  Now the falling of toilet wastage is avoided at stations.  When the train passes out of the station and goes on running, the Engine driver will switch on the valve, where there is no human habitation. Now the storage tank is emptied.  Thus, with the help of this system the toilet wastage is cleared without any problem to any  body and the railway track  at Station is kept as clean as the platforms are.



More About Hi-tech Train Toilet



1. Dumping of Toilet wastage in the city drainage system.

   In big cities there is Under Ground Drainage System. In such cities, this system can be connected to the underground Drainage System through pipes.  The wastage can be emptied when the train stops in a station.  By this, the dumping of toilet wastages even out side the stations can be avoided.

2. Smell -free Train toilet system:

  The disadvantage of storing the toilet wastages in the storage tank is, the generation of bad smell in the train toilet.  We can solve this problem by fixing a spring ball valve under the train toilet.  With the help of this system, the train toilet outlet is always kept closed when not in use.  This outlet of the closet can be opened by the passenger at the time of using the toilet by pulling the spring lever,  At that time, the ball valve (outlet) opens, the water also releases and the wastages from the closet are flushed into the storage tank.  As this system is not like the flush-out system which is commonly used in our house, the usage of water will be minimum.

3. Automatic control of solenoid valve:

  This system relieves the Engine driver from the ON/OFF operation of the solenoid valve.  According to this system, a dynamo should be fixed on the wheel of the train.  This dynamo rotates and the power is generated while the train is running.  The power supply for the solenoid valve is generated by this dynamo.  The solenoid valve gets the required voltage for operation from this dynamo when the train attains the speed of 40kms per hour.  Thus the solenoid value opens and the wastages are dumped when the train is in running condition.  The valve is kept closed when the train halts at stations or runs below the speed of 40 KM/Hour. This system can be used ONLY IN PASSENGER TRAINS which stops in all the stations.