Abstract of Invention:

             This is a  tailor made road safety system specially designed by a school student  for  her fellow school students  of  a particular area.  This system induces  the students to   make use of the over head walk bridge voluntarily and  avoids possible road accidents.

 The rationale behind the invention:

    The  rationale behind  this invention is the felt necessity of safety of  school children  of Tirunelveli city while crossing the   busy road  during   peak hours. This project is specially designed  to help the  students studying in two big schools in the heart of  Tirunelveli city for make them use of a newly built walk  over bridge thus avoiding  the risk of road accidents faced by the students.


More About Conveyor Belt System


The problem faced by thousands of  students:

       In the heart of Tirunelveli city where  National Highways (NH 7) passes  east-west there are two big Schools one on the north side and another on the south side. In these  two schools, put together 3500 boys and girls are studying . During peak hours when students had to cross the road, many times severe traffic congestion  and accidents  had   occurred   in previous days. To avoid this, the Government had   constructed a  “walk over bridge” in this place.  But most of the students avoid using this bridge and start crossing the road despite the risks.  Why?. The  over bridge is 30 feet high and consists of more than 100  foot –steps. We know each students has to carry a lot of books and notes in a big bag besides lunch bag!.  Naturally, with this over load the students find it difficult to go up and come down this over bridge. As a result, the purpose of construction of this over bridge – to stop students crossing roads and avoid traffic congestion during peak hours  is defeated.

The  student  innovator as an onlooker of this incident:

         The innovator of this device Masha    studied VI standard  at  St. Ignatious Convent at Tirunelveli  during that time. At that time of opening of this Walk over bridge I visited there. When going to her  school en route to  this site  she  used to see the problem of the students. She  always thought of a solution to this problem whenever she crossed this site. To shoot this problem and enable the students to make use of the over bridge, she  took  this problem as a subject of  a  science  project  for participating a science exhibition..         

 How does it Work?

       According to my project, a mini sub-way has to be constructed (very close to the walk over bridge) across and beneath of the road at the dimension of just 2 feet  wide and 2 feet deep. ‘A conveyor belt system’ should be fitted in this mini underground tunnel.   Two bicycles, one on each side of the conveyor belt system have to be connected in such a way that when the cycle is pedaled the conveyor belt moves. The students, unloading their heavy bags in the conveyor belts, will be happy to freely walk over the over- bridge   and reach the other side of the road where their bags will be ready, conveyed by the belt. Thus, in the morning the students can easily walk over the over bridge and collect their heavy bags at the school gate. Likewise in the evening after school is over, the boys and girls can again easily cross over the bridge and collect their luggage at their other end and go home. The students can be utilized for this service – for pedaling the conveyor belt system on a turn basis instead of using motor for this conveyor belt system. Thus team spirit and helping tendency of the students can be motivated. With help of this system we can make enable the students to make use of the walk over bridge constructed at the cost of several lakhs rupees  for the purpose  of students safety  and also avoid traffic congestion in front of both the schools in the National Highway during peak hours.