Dear all,

First and foremost reason that I agreed to launch this website on my behalf is,  only for the thing to share with my experiences, motivate and  guide the like minded  students who  are having  interest in doing science models as part of their school science programmes. I being such  a student who traveled all over  India attending various science expos and conferences, met more than 11 lakh students and teachers,  gained lot of experiences which is to  be shared with you. My experiences in this aspect  relates to various levels of school science exhibitions from School level to Global level and  about the various organizations conducting such events.

Secondly, I wanted to  compile  and record all the things happened  with regard to my school science programmes, my various projects and my sufferings  since my age of 9 when I started doing projects. I feel this will help the students  at least  not to be  disheartened  or  not to given up your plans  under compulsion from your parents/ relatives simply for the reason- for cause of study. I heard  lot of advices even after I have proven myself success in this field. “ Great.. Will it work out in the long run?” …  “ Will this records help you any way in getting admissions in your higher studies?”... “It is enough.. Wind up all these things.. and concentrate in your studies hereafter”…  these were all the advices I received from my relatives, my society..  and most of the  friends of my fathers`.  But in my experience I would like to  definitely tell  that you may not loose the chances of getting admission into higher studies because of  your interest in science beyond school curriculum.  Yes, despite my academic  marks I can able to win National Science Fellowship and offer of admissions from prestigious institutions.

Finally,  through this medium I would like put forward an issue for open discussion – mandatory reservation for students in higher studies who  are having proven track records in the respective filed/study.  You may happy to know  similar reservation(10%) is available at National University of Singapore- the top ten University of Asia?

With kind regards,