Masha Innovation Center  started for the purpose of  inculcating   the sprit of creativity and  inventiveness   among school students. It was inaugurated by the Dist. Collector Shiri. Nagarajan IAS on 01-02-2014. This innovation center is housed in 1500 sft area and  situated at  Peruvilai, just 500 meter back of  Parvathipurm Bus Stand, Nagercoil, Kanyakumari Dist. This center consists of a class room, workshop, and a laboratory. School students are  being imparted with practical training in creative science  during week ends at free of cost. This training includes learning by doing concepts, think science presentations, hands on projects, science fair projects etc.  Every year a science expo is being conducted giving chance to students to display their models to  dignitaries. Two  of such expos  were  conducted so far  which was visited by the District Collector, SP and the Municipal Chairman.

The idea behind starting of Innovation Center.  "After gaining 2 successive Ignite National awards,  I have received several enquiries from school students all over  the state to guide  them in doing science  projects.  So I have opened a website specially for this purpose and started  helping  school students in India and  guided them to win national awards. During 2013 two school students  who were guided by me won IGNITE National awards.  I shared this  happy news with our then District Collector of Kanyakumari Shri. Nagarajan.IAS  During  further  discussions   I  expressed to him  my concern   over  the challenges  faced by the Indian student community  in proving their talents beyond curriculum.  Actually the   School kids in India lack proper guidance and support for their interest in science models. Due to the academic syllabus pressure the teachers are also unable to support them fully. Parental support for such activities is very rare. Even science teachers fail to inform or motivate the students on science fairs which are the best opportunities to display one’s talent. There is still a vacuum in this field. After a patient hearing the Collector asked  me "why not  we   attempt  to fill this vacuum  right from our Dist- Kanyakumari- the southern most tip of India?"  He encouraged me to open a centre for this purpose. Few private organizations supported me financially to startup the center. This was how the idea of starting  my centre- Masha Innovation Centre developed."

     "I have stated this center with a  fund  of 1 lakh given by my Grandma. The Indian Over Seas Bank and the Chairman of Excel School has given Rs.25,000/- each.  Padmasree. Dr. Azad Moopen Chairman of DM health care, UAE, and Padmasree. B.R. Shetty, Chairman of UAE Exchange also major donors  for   this noble cause   who have  donated Rs. I lakh each."

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Collector inaugurated  IGNITE 2017  award campaign:  The Dist. Collector of Kanyakumari inaugurated the IGNITE  contest  awareness  campaign held at  Duthie Hr. Sec School, Nagercoil  on 16-08-2017. Also the Collector introduced IGNITE idea box  to  encourage students to drop more ides in this box and donated 10 such idea boxes to selected Govt Schools.  The salient feature of this Idea Box is when students drops ideas in this box,  a voice from this box  will thank  students for  putting  entry in the Box.  more

Inspire award - Idea Box : Masha Innovation Center  has donated idea boxes ( worth of Rs. 17,000) to  10 Govt Schools in Kanyakumari Dist  to encorage and motivate  students to  send more entires for IGNITE awards. participate in lare numbers in the IGNITE 2017 contest -  a science  project and ideological contest organised by  the National Innovation Foundation, Ahmedabad under Dept of Science & Technology, New Delhi. Date 23-08-2016   more..

Collector inaugurated  IGNITE award campaign:  The Dist. Collector of Kanyakumari inaugurated the IGNITE  contest  awareness  campaign held at  SLB Hr. Sec School, Nagercoil  on 19-08-2016. Also the Collector introduced IGNITE idea box  to  encourage students to drop more ides in this box.  The salient feature of this Idea Box is when students drops ideas in this box,  a voice from this box  will thank  students for making this entry.  more
Creative Science & robotics: Yet another mile stone in the activities of “ Masha Innovation Center” by signing of an agreement with St. Mary`s school, Mariyagiri (Tamil Nadu Kerala Border) to conduct Creative Science & robotics for classes IV- IX. 2 full time teachers were appointed for this purpose they will teach regular classes on creative science - all practical- beyond curriculum & No Exams! more

2 LAKH GRANT : Met Indian business tycoons - Padma Sree. Dr. Azad Moopen and  Padma Sree  Mr. Shttey at UAE and explained the services rendered at Masha Innovation Center. . Both encouraged this noble services to school kids  and as a token of encouragement  they have donated Rs.1 LAKH EACH  to  Masha Innovation Center:( May 2015). Also delivered motivational speeches in some schools at Dubai, Sharjah & Abudhabi.more

National Science Day celebrated by Masha Innovation Center on 28-02-2015.more
Motivational Talk@ NIT, Trichy:  Masha Innovation center  was  one among the technological partner  selected  for  Pragyaan2015 - an annual  Techno Management festival of  NIT(National Engineering College), Trichy   and the  innovations of Masha Innovation Center  were displayed  in the exhibition  held for 4 days between 26-02-2015 to 01-03-2015. Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed between MASHA INNOVATION CENTER, Nagercoil & PRAGYAN, NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY(NIT), Trichy in this rgard.more
Inauguration of Masha Innovation Center:  The, Kanyakumari  District  Collector, Shri. Nagarajan I.A.S,  inaugurated  Masha Innovation Center on 01-02-2014. .. more
Asst. Collector`s visit. The Assistant Collector(UT) Shri. Vishnu IAS paid a visit to  Masha Innovation center on 10-03-2014, spent 50 minutes  there and gave valuable tips and guidance to Masha. Shri. Vishnu IAS  is an Alumini of NIT, Trichy studied  Mechanical Engineering....more
IOB CRM visit:   Shri. Padmaragam, The Chief Regional Manager(CRM), Indian Overseas Bank(IOB), Nagercoil Region has visited Masha Innovation Center on 10/03/2014 and  handed over a cash award of Rs 25,000/- to Masha  by means of Cheque... more
Visit of School Students : More than 100  selected school students, teachers and principal  of St. Mary`s Matric. H.S.,School, Mariyagiri (Neal Kaliakkavilai) have visited Masha Innovation  on 28/03/2014... more.
Project Presentation Day:    The S.P, Kanyakumari and Chairman, , Nagercoil Municipality have visited Masha Innovation Center and shared their valuable time with school children. . Near about 20 students - from Thoothoor - Pechiparai to Kanyakumari - all most all from poor economical background being imparted with on hand training on Science model making at MIC- Masha Innovation Center during week ends at free of cost. On 16-08-2014 they presented their projects with the above dignitaries. more